AMPED I is currently upgrading airport network vaults with SCADA to monitor transformers. This will be done by adding fiber optics to transfer real time data out of airport network vaults. Once completed, this will allow the local dispatcher to have the ability to monitor real time temperature, oil levels, and pressure along with redundant current values and breaker status. Several fiber rings will be installed between approximately 40 vaults.

• DC Interlock

• 2 Line Carriers

• 17 Feeder Relaying

• 5 Bus Relaying

• 3 Transformer Relaying

• Transformer Overload Relief (TOR)

• Transformer Voltage Regulation

• Bus Sectionalizing

• New Batteries and Battery Monitoring

• DC Distribution Panels

Station Service

• Auto-Throw-Over-Switch


• Wiring Diagrams

• Circuit Schedule

• Conduit Schedule

• Fiber Panels

• Procedures

• Document Management

AMPED I provides exceptional design and engineering services for the power transmission and distribution industry including:

• Protection and Control Design: One Lines, Three Lines, AC/DC Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, SCADA/RTU and related documents.
• Communications: Fiber, Power Line Carrier, Audio Tone, Microwave, JMUX and other communication means.
• Project Management, Calculations, Commissioning, Coordination.