Amped I replaced two antiquated pilot wire schemes for 138kv lines at a local utility’s substation with two new fiber optic schemes. AMPED I’s technical role in upgrading the substations included:

• Updating one lines

• DC calculations

• Fiber distribution panels

• Differential relay schemes


• Circuit Schedules

• Document management

• Bill of material

• Panel procurement

• XLPE fiber connectors

This upgrade will allow for two new reliable and secure differential schemes between the local substation and the remote ends. This scheme will utilize single mode fiber via the transmission like XLPE cable jacketing.

Engineering for this project began February 2014 and was completed in June 2014.

AMPED I provides exceptional design and engineering services for the power transmission and distribution industry including:

• Protection and Control Design: One Lines, Three Lines, AC/DC Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, SCADA/RTU and related documents.
• Communications: Fiber, Power Line Carrier, Audio Tone, Microwave, JMUX and other communication means.
• Project Management, Calculations, Commissioning, Coordination.