Distribution PMU Installation Program

Amped I supports Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) designs in local substations, helping to measure frequency in the power grid. The designs include installation of PDC cabinets, SEL 3573, satellite and antenna, and ethernet switches. Relay lines and transformers may need to be upgraded as well.

To date, this program has involved designs for 30+ substations to date that includes upgrades of both 12kV and 34kV distribution line, breaker failure, transformer relay protection as well as installation of conduits and trays for cable installation.  These projects also include creation of material requests to procure material for projects. To accomplish these projects design has SCADA, PMU, and Relay upgrade or installation designs while ensuring that the antenna and GPS clock met site specific standards as required per site.

Amped I’s technical role in upgrading the substations included:

  • PMU
  • Relay Upgrades
  • IP based communications
  • Fiber and copper infrastructure communications
  • PMU’s and Communication Processors include:
  • SEL-3573
  • SEL 3530
  • SEL-3555
  • SEL-2488
  • SEL-351S
  • SEL-751
  • SEL-387
  • SEL-311C

Amped I designed and provided the new schematics package for IFA along with the associated demolition drawings. Amped I incorporated all comments on the schematics package prior the IFC submittal. Amped I also designed the wiring drawings package and submitted for IFC.

AMPED I provides exceptional design engineering services for the power transmission and distribution industry including:

  • Protection and Control Design:

One Lines, Three Lines, AC/DC Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, SCADA/RTU and related documents.

  • Communications: 

Fiber, Power Line Carrier, Audio Tone, Microwave, JMUX and other communication means.