AMPED I supported the ongoing replacement of seven 138kv circuit breakers at a Midwest utility transmission substation. AMPED I’s technical role in upgrading the substations includes:

• Evaluate the critical steps associated with implementing the construction on a step by step basis of each circuit breaker without impacting the transmission system.

• Provide drawings with temporary connections as each circuit breaker and associated breaker schemes are replaced.

• Evaluate protection and control schemes and the impact associated with each CB replacement.

• Keep track of temporary connections and go to permanent connections at each evaluation and breaker replacement.

• Merge multiple engineered projects into a single outage evaluation.

This upgrade will all for new micro-process monitored equipment to be installed along with new circuit breakers to enhance the transmission reliability of the utilities grid.

Our services for this infrastructure project started December of 2013 and will ve completed in November of 2015.

AMPED I provides exceptional design engineering services for the power transmission and distribution industry including:

• Protection and Control Design: One Lines, Three Lines, AC/DC Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, SCADA/RTU and related documents.
• Communications: Fiber, Power Line Carrier, Audio Tone, Microwave, JMUS and other communication means.
• Project Management, Calculations, Commissioning, Coordination, Civil/Structural.