Amped I LLC is currently completing a fiber optic routing plan for a local utility to create a MUX node on an existing fiber optic ring. We will be utilizing SEL ICON equipment at the new node at an existing substation. The new node will be able to transmit data via 15-40 kilometer fiber optic laser cards installed on the rack. A fiber distribution panel will be added to creating two diverse routes out of the station to diverse splice points on the existing fiber optic ring. We will be working with the Utility, the local municipalities, and the department of transportation for permitting of the new construction. Specifications will also be provided for railroad crossings along the way. The fiber optic cable utilized is mostly ADSS ( all-dielectric self supporting) over-head type, connected onto existing electrical poles. In some sections we will be using directional bored underground fiber optic cables. The intent of the installation is to provide high speed closed circuit data connectivity between the local stations for high-speed tripping and for the collection SCADA information.


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