AMPED I executed high quality design and engineering work for this clean energy wind farm located in the established wind power region of Washington State.

Our attention to detail, budget and schedule for developing this 230kV/34.5kV substation was evident throughout our response to the scope of work. AMPED I’s technical role in transferring the renewable wind energy onto the western grid included:

One Line

Three Lines

DC Schematics


Panel Front Views

Outdoor Wiring Diagrams

Termination Cabinet

Calculations (CT, Battery,

Charger, Voltage Drop)

Complete Review

AMPED I’s focus on quality assurance and client communication lead to seamless engineering for this wind farm installation. The clean power substation will be part of a regional effort to incorporate more renewable energy into the national grid over the long-term.

Our services for this power infrastructure project began in August 2011 and were completed later that year in December.

AMPED I provides exceptional design engineering services for the power transmission and distribution industry including:

• Protection and Control Design: One Lines, Three Lines, AC/DC Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, SCADA/RTU and related documents.
• Communications: Fiber, Power Line Carrier, Audio Tone, Microwave, JMUS and other communication means.
• Project Management, Calculations, Commissioning, Coordination.


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