• Protection & Control
  • SCADA / Communications
  • Brownfield Upgrades
  • Drawing Automation
  • Transit Engineering
  • Network Protector Monitoring
  • Civil / Structural Engineering

Our team of engineers analyzes every system to determine the design of the protection and control equipment needed to sufficiently protect it. This typically involves the use of microprocessor relays. Our protection and control capabilities include 1-lines, 3-lines, AC/DC Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, Panel Front Views, and Termination Cabinets.

We have the capability to design the communication network that connects the relays from one substation to another. Some of our communications capabilities include Fiber Routing, Power Line Carrier Communications (PLC), Audio Tone (Leased Line), WIMAX (5-7 miles), and JMUX/IMUX. Amped I creates SCADA Points Lists and Configuration Files for the RTUS of electrical substations, including LANDAC II, Sage 2400, SAGE 3030M and Axion 2240 RTAC RTUs.

Differential relay panels, buss differential panels, current and voltage transformers, 345kV ring bus to breaker and-a-half scheme, transformer replacement, breaker replacement, breaker failure relaying, mid-circuit re-closers, bus tie, feeder upgrades, remote end line upgrades, cap bank switchers, lightning arrestors, fiber patch panels, SF6 dead tank and hybrid circuit breakers, phase shifter, line differential panels and more…

We employ our drawing automation algorithms in AutoCAD to save our clients up to 1 hour of drafting time per drawing. The program automates coversheets, title block revisions, layers, codes, titles, numbering and seals using client EDMS data.

We employ our design and engineering methods to upgrade transit station infrastructures that have grown obsolete, including multiple CTA stations around Chicago.

We monitor equipment in a network center including network protectors, transformers, vacuum switches utilizing wire technology via relaying, and primary cable sensors or fiber optics. We also assist with installation techniques and commissioning of equipment, as well as site set-up for data collection from individual network centers.

Amped I can also provide civil & structural design services for substation and distribution center projects, among others. We have the capability to design the physical layout of both conventional and GIS substations,


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